Maiden voyage

So after much musing, noodling, chewing on it and way too much talking in my head (and occasionally out loud…oops) I’ve decided to write a blog. Who am I? I’m Karin,  an under-employed executive (and more unemployed lately) who lives in the West Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, and cooks up a storm in my ‘modest’ (being polite here) kitchen. Oh, and I’m a fabulous cook and baker.  Yes, I’m tooting my own horn here (or perhaps brulee-ing my own crème), but when something is true it’s true, so there.  Falling into the ‘living for food’ population is pretty much genetic for me. Oma was a classically trained cook. Mom learned from the master and added to that base, including the talent to whip up ‘loaves and fishes’ out of pretty much anything available, bake kitty-cat cakes, and create roses from radishes and penguins from hard-boiled eggs, olives and carrots (because presentation is key). And just like any good apprentice, I took what I learned from this lineage and added to it. I was also born with food memory. As a toddler when Mommy would say ‘we are going to Tante Gertrude’s”, I’d reply, “That’s where we had cherry pie!”. I was 4… it was destiny.

That explains the cooking part, but the heels? I’ve been many things in my life — a biology teacher, corporate trainer, CEO of a biotech non-profit (a.k.a. the Bitch Queen of Biotech, said with great affection of course), a business development executive in a law firm, a consultant, and most recently, unemployed.  And all along the way through this seemingly unrelated string of careers was one common denominator – shoes.  Regardless of budget or dress size, this gal loves her some shoes!  You know the type — I was the kid who would HAVE to wear the shoes home from the store. Ok, I still like to do that. And as most women know, no matter your dress size, you can still fit in a fabulous pair of shoes and feel beautiful.  And I did — these feet, regardless situation (or lack thereof) were always well shod.

So what does a food driven unemployed gal DO with all those fabulous shoes???  Well, when you don’t have an office or meeting to wear them to, you wear them in the kitchen!  All that fine Italian leather gets lonely, and as a pick me up on a blue day of sending out countless pitches or resumes, what’s better than putting on a FABULOUS pair of Pradas and whipping up something yummy??  Voilá! Cooking in my Heels was born.

As a friend of mine puts it, I’m doing this for sh*ts and giggles. And I suggest you take it the same way. I’ll share my love of cooking, some recipes (mostly healthy and with calorie counts where I can), and my insights  on life in general and surviving unemployment and that ‘between jobs’ times with humor and sanity mostly intact.  I hope you like it and if you do, tell your friends.  Not only has this folly of mine been the cheapest therapy I’ve ever had, it’s been an ongoing blast to write. So read, giggle, cook, eat, and above all enjoy. Life’s too short and delicious not to! 😉


10 thoughts on “Maiden voyage

  1. I COULD be a fabulous cook/baker but I have a husband who is not a fabulous eater…meat and potato kinda guy who doesn’t like cake so my talents stay hidden away. Shoes….love my flip/flops. It goes with my life, cheap, and easy…words to live by.

  2. OY! Such a blog I should tell you. This is life kids and I’m with you on the heels is those little things in life that brighten your day. The problem is I hit my bald head when I try to cook in them.

    Let me know when you need a supply of salty ham. If it fits it ships!

    • Oh Tatalah I LOVE YOU!!! (and lost a drop after reading your comment, you bitch…)

      I’m halfway through the second salty package, and discovered it makes a FAAAABULOUS BLT if you get it all crispy in the microwave! Will keep you posted on supply levels.

  3. I can’t wait for Fred to try the baked chips, I just hope he doesn’t start wearing heels. OK if I pass this on to Kristen?

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