It’s not catching…

I read the other day that some employers are actually listing on their job descriptions “the unemployed need not apply”. Really? I mean REALLY??! Isn’t that like creating a dating site for those not interested in dating? Or a diet plan for anyone not looking to lose a few pounds? WHAT were they thinking?! Seriously, what was that employer worried about – the unemployed would be too happy? They might work extra hard to keep their jobs? OH THE HORROR!!  Perhaps they thought unemployment was contagious? Let me clear it up right now…it’s not.  If you come near me you won’t catch it, really. Yet that’s how some folks act around the unintended leisure class. To be fair, I’m sure some have the thought that “there but for the grace of the universe go I” and well, ok, that’s just how it is sometimes. People don’t know what to say so it’s easier just to avoid. I make you uncomfortable, I get that. But give it a try…go ahead, be brave. I don’t bite (usually) and while I won’t sugar coat my situation, I won’t dwell on it either – not around you. I want you to want to be around me (well, most of you). If you don’t know what to say, well then say that. It’s actually comforting in a way when someone says “I really don’t know what you are going through but I can imagine it’s very hard”. There – ice broken. You’ve acknowledged my presence and situation, and now we can move onto something far more interesting….like shoes….and food…and George Clooney….


4 thoughts on “It’s not catching…

  1. obviously they want ME….the happily retired…..I probably wouldn’t trouble them much (because I’d be napping on the job). Please pass on their URL – this must be some great outfit to work for!

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