The Perfect Sandwich

By merely typing those words and then daring to post I realize I’ve likely opened myself up to heated debate, scorn and mocking. Well then, bring…It…ON! Because when it comes to opining on the perfect means to honor the Earl of Sandwich, it’s go big or go home.

An Ode to the Perfect Sandwich 

(may the Earl and all English majors forgive me…)

Perfection is sought but seldom achieved,

regardless of drive or desire.

The Cuban, the Reuben, Pastrami on Rye,

may be all you think you require.

Meatloaf, pot roast, PB and J,

a Thanksgiving Dagwood’s pure glee.

Yet perfection’s achieved from components of 3

And the wholly sublime BLT.

Sure, waxing poetic about the BLT may be a bit odd, but when tomatoes are in season, I can’t help myself.  A slab of juicy tomato sitting on toasted bread, surrounded by crisp lettuce, tangy mayo and salty porcine goodness is perfection achieved. There really isn’t a recipe for a BLT either, which makes it pretty accessible to just about anyone. As long as you can toast bread and fry (or bake, or microwave) bacon, you’re good to go. However, since I do like to play with my food, here’s some variations on the theme I’ve come up with over the years.

  • BLT:  The basic, and pretty damn fine all by itself
  • PAT:  Prosciutto, arugula and tomato
  • BLAT: A slice of avocado added into the mix

  • BLGT: guacamole standing in for mayo (or avocado mixed in with the mayo)
  • BLHT:  A drizzle of honey on the tomato (salty and sweet, another great combo)
  • BLP:  Bacon lettuce and Peach. Heresy? Perhaps, but when the tomatoes are kind of meh, a juicy peach is a damn fine stand in.

And to those of you who would argue with my idea of perfection, don’t just sit here…send me yours! I’m always ready for a good debate and in the spirit of democracy, I promise I’ll post them too.


10 thoughts on “The Perfect Sandwich

  1. My fave? A PBJ&T… Pine-nut butter, (tomato) jelly and bacon…. Cool new options you give here – although you lost me at peaches… 🙂

    • Pine nut butter? Lordy, that’s got to be tasty (and expensive!) Bacon and jelly is a standard in my house. Mom introduced us to it years ago, and my niece and nephew have adopted it as their own now too. Ah…genetics! And peach and bacon…don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! 😉

  2. Sandwiches are so personal, I guess because they are so comforting. I try to stay away, though that’s hopeless, because I eat them too fast. There’s the totally decadent peanut butter and butter, which is Elvis-like in its ‘wich sinfulness (also melted peanut butter on buttered toasted bread too!). I’ve sent PB &B to the sandwich cemetery though, my heart thankful I’m sure.

    Perfect sandwich, let’s see…falafel, hummus, tahini, Israeli salad, spicy sauce on a pita, made by Hoomis Asli in Nolita, NYC, garlic hummus on a flax roll-up, fresh mozzarella with basil, tomato, vinaigrette on flat bread. Perhaps my great love is the Somerset offered at C’est Cheese in Port Jefferson, NY, which is a stunning, melted aged cheddar, sun-dried tomato pesto, black olive tapenade, fresh basil on an insanely good baguette, it’s amazing! I also eat Robin Reubens, all the Reuben fixings without the real meat, no faux meat permitted.

    Then there’s the TMP, which is a summer tomato on toasted whole wheat w/mayo and tons of black pepper. I’m a veggie, so no bacon for me. And of course the humble PBJ (mine has to be made w/Skippy and grape jam or jelly, no strawberry jam, that’s for toast with butter). I am sure some folks get so twisted deciding between a PBJ and a BLT that some compromise and make peanut butter and bacon sandwiches since bacon seems to be the rage ingredient now.

    I have a soft spot in my heart for any grilled cheese, especially one from a good diner, I’ll spend some time deciding if it should be good old American or Swiss, and in season with or without tomato, much as I love cheddar and other cheeses, at the diner it needs to be classic and homey. With a pickle on the side of course. Great post as usual and you made me hungry Duncker! Robin 😉

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