Here we go….again…

Hey there gentle readers. Is it just me, or are you too (those of you on the eastern seaboard that is) getting a little deja vu today?  Yes, seems we are in for it again, weather-wise. And that has made me a bit grumpy. Well, that and a few other things today. So while I have a brand-spanking new post in the works for Halloween, I thought it was worth it, thematically, to reprise a post from last year. Two of them actually. The first addresses Mother Nature’s impending (again) wraith. The second deals with some gruesome yet sweet retribution just in time for ghoul and goblin fest, (and is very appropriate for my mood today….trust me…)

I hope you enjoy them both, and we’ll chat again once the waters recede.

Storms a brewin’

Sweet vengeance


8 thoughts on “Here we go….again…

  1. Doesn’t a good hurricane call for Cajun food à la “Twist and Shout” by Mary Chapin Carpenter? Stay safe, keep the candles nearby and best wishes to you for weather people who are wrong!

      • Haha! I was just listening to MCC this week too! Never fear David, I have batteries, bottled water, and all the fixins for chili and corn bread tomorrow (and a gas stove)

        Thanks for the good (dry) thoughts – coming from Tucson they just might work! XO

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