Happiest of Holidays from Cooking in My Heels

DSC04786Ok, so the last-minuteness is upon us, the shopping, the baking, the wrapping, the re-wrapping (we know who you are), and all the other chaos that accompanies the upcoming festivities. And while I too am running around today like so much headless poultry, let’s all try to remember that even though something doesn’t get done or is forgotten, the whole point of it all is to celebrate joy and hope with the folks you love, the strangers you’ll meet, and all the rest.

So in that spirit I’m  sending all the food lovers, happy eaters, shoe enthusiasts and everyone else BEST WISHES for full bellies, warm hearts, and an endless supply of laughter, love, health, joy and prosperity in this special season and throughout the year. Thank you gentle readers for another year of fun and food!

And now, it’s time to kick off those heels, pour a cup of something cheery, and DANCE!


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