Go West Young(ish) Woman: Tales from the Road

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As Jackie Gleason would say, “And AWAY WE GO!” In other words, after weeks (ok, months) of anticipation, the day finally came this past Friday to put the rubber on the road and watch Gotham City get smaller and smaller in my rear view mirror. And with trip odometer set to zero, I set off to learn just exactly how big this country tis of ours tis. You really don’t get a sense of the vastness of driving cross-country until Siri tells you to take exit so-and-so, and drive 235 miles. Then make a left, and drive another 189.

The first thing I noticed was the sky. The sheer vastness of the sky. Sure, there’s sky in Metropolis, but you usually only get to see a slice of it. When you are driving 535 miles through the middle of the map, all you see is sky. It’s awe-inspiring, and a little overwhelming, especially for a city mouse who’s been used to viewing snippets of it at a time. Know what else there is? Corn. Lots of corn. Miles and miles and miles of corn! And I’m only at Indiana. Iowa and Nebraska lay ahead! Up until today, when I thought of Ohio, I thought of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Or Cincinnati Chili. Or maybe the Bengals, or Reds, Cavaliers or Indians. From now on know what I’ll think of? Corn.

The adventure has only just begun, and already I’ve been to one of the country’s longest running public markets in Rochester New York, sat along the mighty Erie Canal, drove past more corn that I thought possible, and now lay my head down in the land of the Studebaker’s birth,  across the street from Rudy and Knute’s favorite playground. So goodnight from the Hoosier State. More sights of corn and other wonders await…

The Rochester Public Market

The Rochester Public Market

Downtown Rochester, NY along the Erie Canal

Downtown Rochester, NY along the Erie Canal

South Bend, Indiana

Home of the Fighting Irish, South Bend, IN

When in Rome....(or in this case, South Bend)

When in Rome….(or in this case, South Bend)

This seems the most appropriate meal for the location.

A Guinness and fish and chips –  the most appropriate meal for the location


6 thoughts on “Go West Young(ish) Woman: Tales from the Road

  1. And to think that after all those miles of driving, South Bend is only a quarter of the way across the country! People describe the Great Plains as dull to drive, but such vast space is truly awe inspiring and beautiful. Whether grain or grassland, imagining that the Plains sweep from the Rio Grande to sub-arctic Canada is incomprehensible. And then will come the Rockies! Drink it all in with a thrill of delight!

    • You’re right Mark – just got to Council Bluffs, IA and not even half way to Oregon yet – 1350 miles! But it was truly beautiful – in fact, my next post will be about just that!

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