…and drive 538 miles

That’s what she said, Siri that is. She’s been my co-pilot throughout Karin’s excellent adventure. And she’s gotten me everywhere she promised so I try not to argue with her. I fail sometimes, but I do try. Anyway, for the first few days of this trip, it’s been “take exit so and so and drive 125 miles” or something like that. Then I hit Nebraska. Remember Nebraska on all those colorful US map jigsaw puzzles? Right smack in the middle, sort of looked liked the an iron, more wide than it is tall? Yesterday I drove across it, all of it, the wide way. It started innocently enough. Arose with the sun in Council Bluffs, Iowa, got onto I80-W, Siri her usual “make a left here, drive 1000 feet, enter onto the interstate. Then she said it…”and drive 538 miles.” I looked at her, stunned, thinking it was the earliness of the hour, maybe I was too involved in singing along with Chaka Khan and misheard. So I picked her up and looked at her screen. And there it was, in big white letters on a highway sign green background…538 miles. I gulped. 538 miles, most of it Nebraska, until I get to my hotel in Laramie.

Over those 538 miles I saw a horizon’s worth of corn and soybean fields. And center pivot irrigation contraptions that stretched for at least half a mile, throwing off rainbows as the sun hit the water sprays. And cows. You’ve heard of Omaha steaks? I saw them, walking around. Actually, I should clarify that. I smelled them first, before ever spying cow. Ever pass a stockyard? Then you know what I mean. But once I got past the cows, and the eau de cow cloud that followed, I actually did enjoy the ride. A good book on tape, a perfect road tune mix, an assortment of car snacks and rest stop vending machine fare, and you can enjoy 538 miles. Especially if you are looking forward to what lies at the other end.

Welcome to 430 miles of Nebraska

Welcome to 430 miles of Nebraska

photo 3

Corn, and more corn

photo 2

corn fields gave way to hay fields

photo 1

This is a prairie dog. His name is Watson

photo 4

The giant Lincoln stands at the highest elevation of I-80 W, 8,640 feet (2,633 m) above sea level between Cheyenne and Laramie

photo 1

The landscape changes the minute you hit Wyoming


6 thoughts on “…and drive 538 miles

  1. I’m going to assume we will never see a corn recipe out of you again? Glad the trip is going well. Say hi to Siri. Can’t wait to hear what recipes you have thought of while driving across country – stay safe –

  2. And it is just going to get more and more gorgeous, in all different ways. So excited for you. We took the southern route, headed to Tucson, but as with you, this is the trip of a lifetime. Now just imagine the pioneers doing the trip on foot!

    • Climbing to the top of the hill where the giant Lincoln head was must have taken a week! Really looking forward to the views the rest of the way! And REALLY glad I’m doing it in a car!πŸ˜‰

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