Seasonal Schizophrenia

Been working on the new and improved CIMH website, so in the meantime, here’s a little seasonally-appropriate nugget from last year to jingle your bell, and check back for a new post later this week!

cooking in my heels

This time of year I find myself channeling multiple personalities. The first quite Eloisa Scroogely in nature, grumpy and grumbling about the state of her world and all the holiday-related crap. The other pointy-eared, bell jingley and jolly, A 5’8” elf all the way down to her curly-shoed toes. I may wake up all bah humbugy, but quick as a flying reindeer my grumpy disposition and frozen jolly muscles melt at the sight of CGI-ed baby lambs singing, and I’m jingle belling along.

I know I can’t be the only one this happens to. Madison Avenue and its advertising minions are extremely adept at tapping into our collective December dementia. That big brother who shows up on the family doorstep drawn all the way from African humanitarian selflessness by the smell of coffee from a big plastic tub must have grandchildren by now. Yet every year he still comes home…

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