Happy National Soup Month?



I wonder who decides such things. Since it’s apparently a decision of national importance, perhaps it requires an act of Congress. And do both houses have to agree, or is this something the Senate just phones in, leaving the usual cluster-fuss to the House? I’d imagine the debate would go something like this:  The esteemed member from Virginia floats the idea of National Grits Month. The member from Hawaii, with an attitude of incredulity befitting the discussion shouts that if grits get a month, then so does poi. Louisiana threatens an étouffée filibuster. Harrumphing ensues in the chamber as the Speaker offers soup as a compromise. Meanwhile out in the hallways,  lobbyists from the National Pea Board, the Egg Council, and the Cold Cereal Consortium glad-hand staffers. (Ok, I made up the Cold Cereal folks, but there really is a Pea Board and an Egg Council.) The point is, someone, somewhere with some modicum of power decided that in January we become the United States of Soup.

So in that spirit, and since I’m still putting the finishing touches on a new recipe while I watch left coast football players slam into each other, I’m happy to do my part in the name of potage patriotism and repost some favorite soup recipes from past blogs.  Soup-er Fidelis!

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6 thoughts on “Happy National Soup Month?

  1. I saw cathy carter the other day and she told me about your blog.
    really enjoying it. love that NYC wit and your recipes are tempting and lovely.
    welcome to Hood River.
    bonne chance.
    (I don’t really speak French but I like how it sounds)

    • Merci! (I don’t really speak French either, and love how it sounds too!) Welcome to cooking in my heels Gigi! And moltissime grazie for the link on your blog! (I speak Italian as well as French…;-))

  2. Well, considering the weather in most parts of the country lately, soup is a good idea for January. Peas will have to wait their turn till spring… Eggs. Defintiely April for Eggs. Today, I am making a combined January-April soup (avgolemono) to take to a sick neighbor! (Sorry about the Pats, if they were your team!)

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