You’ve figured out what that this post is about, right? No? Take a look at this: fc_pi_41735_smGet it now? How about this? photoToday is Pi day. And depending upon how sincere your commitment to mathematics, (I’m speaking to you, ex-“mathletes” and fans of William Jones), at 9:26AM today or there about, the date and time equaled the value of π. This apparently gets some people very excited. I’m not one of them, but when I was up at 5AM this morning reading the daily news (a.k.a. Facebook), I happened upon this marginally interesting factoid and immediately thought about a topic that does get me excited. Pie. To sum up…

If fc_pi_41735_sm   =   image, then pie must be consumed today.

Here are some variations from the CIMH files. I’ll also be adding a new pie recipe this week featuring another of my favorite food groups, Guinness. Check back for that in about 3.141592653 days… 😉

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